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Fill out a free case analysis if you are considering divorce. Find out what happens when you enlist our help for your case. Read why we are serious about pursuing positive results.

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We Are Extremely Dedicated to Pursuing Positive Results

When you are getting a divorce, you have far too much at stake to afford taking any chances with the outcome of the situation. The final decree of divorce can determine whether or not you will begin this new chapter of your life in a stable position, as it can decide matters such as who will keep the home, who will be left paying certain debts and whether either spouse will be ordered to make spousal support payments. It can even determine whether you will be able to raise your children the way you prefer, or if you will be allowed to play any type of meaningful role in their lives. This may be a highly stressful and confusing experience, and you need the help of an attorney whom you can trust to go the extra mile for you.

Serious Representation for a Serious Situation

At the Law Offices of John Joseph Buckey, Jr. & Associates, we know how much you have to gain or lose in your divorce, and will do everything in our power to help you achieve the best possible outcome to the situation. When you come to us for help, we recognize what a significant trust you are placing in our hands-it is a duty which we approach with full sincerity and dedication to helping you achieve the best possible results. Unlike many attorneys, we will not wait until the last minute to brief you in a meeting outside of the courthouse, but will spend time at the beginning of the case educating you about your legal options, answering all your questions and seeking to make you fully prepared for what will happen throughout the process.

Personalized Representation for Your Divorce

Some family law firms try to maximize their profits by taking on the largest volume of cases possible, giving only minimum attention to each client and frequently achieving less than optimal results. Our team takes a different approach. While we may have many clients, we know that you have only one attorney and we devote our efforts to forwarding your personal interests and advocating on your behalf. Unlike many attorneys, we do not delegate the important work in our cases to inexperienced paralegals or poorly trained assistants. On the contrary, your attorney will be working directly on your case and will be available for your calls whenever you need answers and guidance in your case. You will not have to wonder what is happening in your case or what you should do at any given point, because we will be standing by your side, advising you of your rights and advocating on your behalf. If you want caring service and hard hitting representation in your divorce, come to us for help. We offer free initial consultations, and are ready to begin working on your case immediately!



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