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Parental Relocation Lawyers in Corona

What Is a Move Away Order in California?

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Moving or relocating is not an uncommon occurrence. Following a divorce, however, the matter may become complicated by the fact that the parent who has primary custody cannot move with the children without first obtaining the permission of the court.

What Happens When a Custodial Parent Moves Away?

Before relocating, a custodial parent must petition the court for a "move away order," giving them permission to relocate with their child and, in many cases, modifying the custody order in a way that serves the best interests of the child.

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Modifying Child Custody for a Move-Away

A parent with the majority of parenting time must request the court for permission to either move or relocate. Otherwise there can be consequences such as ordering the child to return and giving custody to the other parent on a temporary or even permanent basis. A relocation or move-away also requires a modification in the divorce or child custody agreement.

Petitions for modification, to secure approval from the judge, require a substantial change of circumstances. In general, almost all relocations or move-away cases are understood to be based on a substantial change in circumstances, provided that they are not being attempted in an effort to spite the other parent. The court will likely adjust long-term visitation in order to make-up any short-term visitations missed due to the relocation. Remember though: a relocation or move-away will only be approved if it is in the best interests of the child.

Can a Parent Move out of State With Joint Custody?

In California, there is no limit to how far you can relocated with joint custody, as long as within the terms of the custody agreement. As a parent with joint custody, always consult the other parent before making a long-distance move and, if necessary, petition the court for a move-away order so that you can relocate without violating your custody order.

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