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Fill out a free case analysis if you are considering divorce. Find out what happens when you enlist our help for your case. Read why we are serious about pursuing positive results.

La Sierra Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Attorney in La Sierra: Trial Lawyers and Litigators for Divorce

At the Law Offices of John Joseph Buckey, Jr. & Associates, our legal team represents individuals facing divorce in the La Sierra area. With 20 years of experience at trial, we are extremely confident presenting a case at trial. We work closely with our clients and we believe in providing each person we serve with one-on-one, hands-on service. You have goals, and these goals become the goal of our entire team. As the outcome of a divorce can be uncertain and have long term ramifications, we will inform you honestly about what your actual options are, and the potential outcomes in divorce.

Divorce Attorney Serving La Sierra, CA

As this is a community property state, the assets accrued during the term of your marriage must be split, but how this split is achieved can vary widely. It takes a deep level of skill and understanding of financial matters to negotiate with the opposing attorney and come up with a compromise that will be beneficial to you, and fair. You cannot take chances when you are planning to divorce, as the risks to your financial health and vital personal issues such as child custody are all on the table. Whether your case can be resolved through negotiations or must go to trial, we have the skills and knowledge that could greatly benefit you, and could be the most significant factor in the final outcome.

Planning a divorce and unsure how to proceed? We assist in pre-divorce planning, which can be important when you really need to know how the outcome could affect your finances and your children. We are zealous advocates for our clients, and will carefully plan and execute the strategy that we believe will be more likely to lead to the outcome that you want. Your goals are extremely important to us. As trial lawyers, we know what the court must see to make a decision in your favor, and every detail of your case will be carefully planned so there is a better chance of reaching the objective that you envision. Please take advantage of our free case consultation, as you can get answers about your concerns. Call today.

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