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Paternity Lawyer in Corona

Legally Establishing Fatherhood in California

Corona paternity lawyer

Are you a mother seeking to obtain child support payments from the father of your child?

Are you a father who wants to be a part of your child's life?

When a child is born to an unmarried couple, these rights are not automatic. Fatherhood needs to be legally established before child support or custody arrangements can be made. By filing a paternity action, you may be able to prove the identity of the biological father of your child, thereby making it possible to pursue the legal rights associated with this relationship. The Corona paternity attorneys at the Law Offices of John Joseph Buckey, Jr. & Associates can frequently help to resolve cases of this type.

What is required in a paternity case?

Paternity cases can actually vary dramatically in terms of complexity. Sometimes, these cases are simply a matter of the father signing a document accepting responsibility as the father of the child. Other times, these cases can be much more challenging and may require DNA testing and aggressive courtroom work.

Of course, establishing paternity is just the first step of the process.

Paternity Cases and Child Support

After paternity is established, the mother can seek child support. Support is determined by a formula that looks at, among other things, the income levels of both parents and custody arrangements.

Our lawyers can carefully review the formula to ensure that the correct numbers are being entered. If deviation from the formula is required in order to serve the best interests of everyone involved, we have the experience to do it. We know how to pursue a fair outcome.

Paternity Cases and Child Custody

Establishment of paternity is also establishment of the father's rights. First and foremost of those rights is the right to be a part of your child's life.

Need a lawyer for a paternity case in Corona? Our attorneys can work with you to pursue fair child custody and visitation arrangements so that you can be involved in your child's upbringing. Until you have established yourself as the biological father of your child, you will not have any legal rights in respect to the child, but we can assist you with every step of the process, working to make it possible for you to play a role in your child's life.

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