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Corona Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Uncontested Divorce Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

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We understand the high costs associated with divorce and family litigation. In addition to-and more important than-the financial costs, long and drawn-out courtroom battles frequently cause irreparable damage to family relationships. The result is children suffering emotional trauma, parents with additional challenges working together to raise their children, and lost opportunities for amicable relationships between people who once cared deeply for one another.

Searching for an attorney for mediation in Corona? At the Law Offices of John Joseph Buckey, Jr. & Associates, we are committed helping all of our clients avoid the costs-both financial and emotional-of divorce whenever possible. One of the ways we do this is through divorce and family law mediation. While mediation is strongly encouraged-and even required-by many family courts in our area, some lawyers treat it as just something to get through, instead of the opportunity it is. Having a lawyer who truly believes in it can make a significant difference in the final outcome of the action.

What Can I Expect at a Divorce Mediation?

Mediation provides an opportunity for divorcing couples and families involved in disputes to negotiate a resolution with the help of a neutral third party.

The non-adversarial format provides an opportunity for both sides to express their concerns and talk about underlying issues that are seldom addressed in the courtroom. Successful mediation results in a settlement agreement that is presented to the court for approval and the issuance of orders.

Issues addressed in divorce mediation:

How Divorce Mediation Works in California

During mediation, both parties can have their attorneys present. Ideas can be exchanged in a non-judgmental forum and resolutions can be tailored by the parties in a way courts could not have done. If mediation is unsuccessful, the parties can still take their cases to court, and no information revealed during the mediation can be used as evidence later.

Mediation provides many advantages, including:

  • It can be quite cost-effective
  • Mediated agreements are private-not part of the public record
  • Resolutions can frequently be reached quickly
  • Parties tend to honor resolutions they had a hand in creating
  • The process can promote positive, long-term working relationships

If this sounds like an approach you would like to take in your divorce, do not hesitate to contact our firm for a free initial consultation. Mediation is not right for all couples, but if you and your spouse can make it work it could be highly beneficial for your entire family, and we want to help you take advantage of this option.



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